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28 April 2015, 09:47
by Rattlebrained
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Am Back, Maybe..

Be warned that I am in the process of updating this blog to HTML5 and now have over 600 articles to check…

So to be upfront about it, if you end up on an error or blank page I’m very sorry. Just know that I’m doing my best to get it all working…

One thing that needs to be done is having small images for folks on their mobiles. For the moment that is not the case so beware of large image files!!!

Also, it must be said that to find time for more blogging I need to somehow manage to pay for it all. So, although I’m very sorry about it, I will be posting more articles about the t-shirt designs and other stuff I’m working on.
Hope you like them!

A comic about yesterday's weather

10 February 2016, 11:45
by Rattlebrained
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Yesterday's Weather

A comic about yesterday's weather

Yesterday while walking home a flash of lightning and the growling of thunder commenced the festivities: hail, rain and then snow. Not a normal chain of events for February..

Note to self: work on rain.. :P

A comic of sorts about not paying attention

14 January 2016, 17:30
by Rattlebrained
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Keep On Comicing On

So I’ve drawn 5 or 6 of these and because I have – I admit – a history of making art, I began wondering what would be the best paper for my pen, and – sigh – was my pen really the best pen to use and that sort of thing…
So I tried a few different pens and some other paper.

And since they are not funny, should I post them all here?