Screen Size Downloading Time Blues

Posted on 26 October 2013, 10:05.

I spent much of the last three weeks modifying the Swamp Train website (link on left menu) so that the design was responsive to screen size as well as make sense in small screens.

It’s not perfect yet, and my never be, but it’s a start. However one remaining problem is the download size of everything for folks that visit on their cell phone.. and balancing that with what folks who come on big screens see. Not sure either if it’s worth making a separate site for mobiles yet..

In any case I’m starting to get a feel for HTML5 which is nice – I guess – but when you look at the amount of coding crap that is only there to prevent old, and new, browsers from messing everything up you can get very depressed.

Now I need to do the same here so there will probably be some changes… :-(


Blues Rules Crissier 2013

Posted on 14 September 2013, 11:29.

Already September, sheesh, where does time go… I’ve been wanting to write about the one night I was able to attend of this years Blues Rules which took place last May, but insomnia and various other things have kept my bloging to a minimum; you may have noticed.

The first three editions of what is IMO one of Switzerland’s best blues festival took place on the grounds of the castle of Crissier, just outside of Lausanne. But it seems that didn’t work out this year so the festival’s two founders, Vincent Delsupexhe & Thomas Lecuyer, had a great idea: they organized 4 tour dates European tour for some of their American bluesmen friends instead!

Robert Belfour - Blues Rules 2013
Left Lane Cruiser duo Brenn Beck and Joe Evans (far left) take in Robert Belfour

Always on a tight budget, I chose the first of these evenings…

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Cute Baby Skeleton Maternity T-Shirt

Posted on 3 September 2013, 18:01.

Baby Skeleton Maternity T-Shirt
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The blurb for the above:
Pregnant during Halloween? This cute thumb sucking baby skeleton design makes a unique maternity t-shirt costume…

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10th Festiv'Altitude

Posted on 2 September 2013, 08:47.

 festivaltitude website

If you’re in the Geneva – Lausanne area how about a breath of fresh air in the lovely Jura foothills village of St-George next Fri&Saturday!
Swamp Train plays Saturday at 21h40 but the festival’s doors open Friday at 17h00!


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Pinhole Bis

Posted on 25 August 2013, 10:24.

This is an unpdate to last June’s Pinholed Nex5n post, so you may want to read that first.

At the beginning of July I found the Pinhole Shop on Ebay which not only sells pinhole cameras but also just the pinholes; and also has a very convenient chart as to what the distance between the film/sensor and pinhole should be. I ordered the smallest: 0.12mm (that they don’t seem to have for sale at the time I’m writing this), which if I remember correctly, should be place 13mm away from the film.

Pinhole lens front & back: 0.12mm, 0.15mm, 0.20mm

After receiving it and comparing it visually to the pinhole I had made – and the first one I had bought (Rising pinhole, 0.2mm) – I estimated mine as being around 0.15mm. So I replaced mine by the 0.12mm in my homemade lens after sanding of as much of the bodycap as I dared to prevent vignetting from the cap itself. I also made a second bodycap lens for mine, placing it at approximately 17mm from the sensor, as well as made one for the Rising lens, placing it at 30mm…

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