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28 April 2015, 09:47
by Rattlebrained
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Am Back, Maybe..

Be warned that I am in the process of updating this blog to HTML5 and now have over 600 articles to check…

So to be upfront about it, if you end up on an error or blank page I’m very sorry. Just know that I’m doing my best to get it all working…

One thing that needs to be done is having small images for folks on their mobiles. For the moment that is not the case so beware of large image files!!!

Also, it must be said that to find time for more blogging I need to somehow manage to pay for it all. So, although I’m very sorry about it, I will be posting more articles about the t-shirt designs and other stuff I’m working on.
Hope you like them!

18 October 2015, 18:23
by Rattlebrained
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Wet Leaves, Grey Skies

A6000+Tamron SP 01A, wet automn leaves, A6000+Tamron SP 01A, wet automn leaves,A6000+Tamron SP 01A, wet automn leaves,A6000+Tamron SP 01A, grey afternoon

Winter in the Swiss Jura mountains used to be either very sunny or very snowy, but in the last few years the altitude of the stratus clouds has raised and we are now underneath; or in them.

Today it is still Autumn, and although the first frost came this week, there was a time when it would probably have been a cold but brisk sunny day. Alas we woke up in the fog, like yesterday and probably tomorrow. You may not consider that special but fog was the one weather element we rarely saw here in the past…

The clouds moved higher during the day, my hopes of seeing the sun disappeared. So I went out and walked up behind the city instead.

14 October 2015, 14:23
by Rattlebrained
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Crawfish Birthday Wrapping Paper

This week I spent some time reworking my little crawfish characters and finally got around to getting the numbers one to twelve on them. That done I made some wrapping paper patterns with them and as I was checking up on that today I noticed that there was a sale going on so here it is:

60% Off All Wrapping Papers, Ends Next Monday, Use Code: PREP4HOLIDAY

They can be seen here:

Hope you like them!

Swamp Train a bit after we got washed out

29 July 2015, 17:46
by Rattlebrained
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Cruising The Canal With Swamp Train

Last Friday Swamp Train played on what turned into a very wet cruise; and the loss of two mixing tables…

A resume of the evening from our friend Beat (thanks!).

Vully Blues Club und Dreiseen Schifffahrt präsentieren:SWAMP TRAIN...

Posted by Beat Lüthy on Tuesday, July 28, 2015

And after the storm: