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28 April 2015, 09:47
by Rattlebrained
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Am Back, Maybe..

Be warned that I am in the process of updating this blog to HTML5 and now have over 600 articles to check…

Updated April 2017 to add:
I’m also trying out a “Let’s Encrypt” certificate to secure the site, however that also means going through and checking a lot of links…
And FWIW, at the moment about a half of the posts have been updated.

So to be upfront about it, if you end up on an error or blank page I’m very sorry. Just know that I’m doing my best to get it all working…

One thing that needs to be done is having small images for folks on their mobiles. For the moment that is not the case so beware of large image files!!!

Also, it must be said that to find time for more blogging I need to somehow manage to pay for it all. So, although I’m very sorry about it, I will be posting more articles about the t-shirt designs and other stuff I’m working on.
Hope you like them!

The design after I added more texture and some clouds.

25 April 2017, 17:33
by Rattlebrained
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Cheep DIY Kick Drum Graphics

A few years ago I wanted to put the logo of my band on my kick drum but wasn’t thrilled with the idea of painting it. After giving it some thought I wondered if using permanent markers would do the trick. It did for me, so after using the same resonant head for 3-4 years I decided it was time for a change and figured I could document the process. So here is how I added my band’s logo to the new skin. But first things first:
I can’t be held responsible if you try this and mess up your kick drum resonator !
Try and draw on an old discarded drum skin first, it will give you an idea on how easy – or not – drawing a whole design will be. For example, the silver ink doesn’t always flow that well, on my first try I ended up with a few splotches that I had to disguise. These where caused by my (stupidly) shaking the marker directly over the drum skin, trying to get a better ink flow…


29 September 2016, 11:56
by Rattlebrained
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Almost November

Politics are not what I want to be writing about, sorry, sorry, sorry…

However yesterday as I looked at the mail this idea popped out, and I thought, “well that’s sort of funny..”, so for better or worse, here it is, smudges and all.


21 September 2016, 09:28
by Rattlebrained
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Summer Sketches

In July E & I spent some chill out time in the charming village of Staithes; in North Yorkshire UK. We had a great time walking along the coast, watching the tide, tasting the bitters and beachcombing.

Here are a few ink brush drawings from my sketchbook from that area and also some from after we got back. I’ve always used a Pental Pocket Brush Pen, which I like, but was curious to see it there were any alternatives. Towards the end of August I bought a Kuretake No. 50 which I really like too although it does seem to have some ink flow issues (almost too much ink in the brush at times).

Photos from the bridgeChecking which path to takeWater funBack yards, tide going outGoing to the beachWires and birdLow TideAbove Sion looking south-estLooking west from PouillerelFrom Geneva to Gatwick

Of these sketches…


20 September 2016, 09:48
by Rattlebrained
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Arrr Pirate Chef Vintage Apron

One of my favorite designs that is in the “non music” part of my store over at Zazzle is for cooks. There are a couple of versions, with and without words, and with a solid black printed surface or like here, with the design purposely “distressed” to give it a used vintage look.

Hope you like it!