About Rattlebrained

rattlebrained In the third person, Rattlebrained could be described as a “someone who is possibly shaking just a bit too many rhythms between his visual art work, the blues and a spontaneous albeit debatable attempt to help pay the bills by joining the overpopulated ranks of on-line t-shirt graphic designers a few years ago…

This last activity has taken over my mind like a B series alien remains at the outermost limits of financial disaster, which was pretty much where the first two activities were stabilized anyway, no biggie, I get by with a little help from my friends…

Art’s humdrum… There isn’t that much about art in this blog, initially I would have hoped for more but writing about art turned out to be extremely time consuming and my daily activities in the studio seem a long monologue that doesn’t repeat well, or something like that. Browsing through the earlier of my musings about art makes me think I made a sage decision in limiting that presence. If you are curious however, a visit to my art website gives a glance of my work.

Musical washboard and rhythm bones… I thank the gods who put these fine instruments across my path! I’m doing okay now with both instruments as long as I practice, practice, practice. No problem since it’s so much fun! Rhythm puts my somewhat dyslexic brain into a particular and mostly enjoyable place, even if it can be frustrating when your fingers, hands or feet (on the drum set) don’t quite obey you as much as you’d like. I wish I had discovered drumming years ago!

The Blues… Swamp Train (come say hi to us on facebook) is the band I play with at the moment. Past acts have been with The Crawfish Blues Band & Messin’ Round, two bands that are in limbo these days for various reasons but that hopefully will rise from the cinders one day again… Anyway, speaking of bands, living in a somewhat isolated area when it comes to American Folk and Blues music, it’s neat to be able find videos and songs by bands with washboard and rhythm bone players to learn and be inspired from; these are often posted here.

T-Shirt designs… Rattlebrained Designs is my main shop and boasts: unique instrument playing skeleton t-shirts for bassists, drummers, brass instrument and musical washboard players as well other cool blues and jazzy music designs. The store also carries original big bugs and insect apparel, and lots of other funny designs!. I enjoy drawing these, and it was a real surprise when they actually started to sell. Unlike in the gallery art world, most of the time the folks who buy t-shirts don’t know who made them, they just like the design!

Hope you enjoyed passing by!


PS: This blog was first seen over at blogger during June 2006. In March 2008 I slowly moved the posts I still found interesting here as well as the (fortunately few) accompanying comments which is why the old posts seem to have recent comments….