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29 September 2009, 09:31
by Rattlebrained
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TSKZ09 Bis

So what about “Back To Borneo”?

After building our little theremines, we set up in an large industrial space across the street from the main festival area. This was because originally our concert was supposed to take place outside but the weather was just too chilly and windy for that.

We (Bill, Jacques and I) quickly went through the program to clear any lingering hitches…


10 September 2009, 11:59
by Rattlebrained
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tskz09 flyerOnce again I’ll be joining Bill Holden next Saturday. He was asked to participate in the TSKZ09, a small festival for “sonic creations + art & science multimedia”.

One of the reasons I have not had time to blog lately is that I was helping him out in building the necessary home made musical instruments. In this case a few skid’fonias