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Post-Hysterical: Timeline, Comics and a Plurogenic View of Art History


Friend, artist and art historian Mark Staff Brandl has posted the video of a 55 minute speech he presented at the CAA (College Art Association, art historians organization) annual conference, as well as at the Kunstschule Lichtenstein, in 2010. It concerns description and criticism of the standard conceptions and models of fine art history and the history of comics, while offering a new one model for conceiving of and teaching these histories:
Post-Hysterical: Timeline, Comics and a Plurogenic View of Art History.

If you’re like me and art history always made you want to puke, it’s probably because you had one – or more (I had three of ‘em!) – of those horrible teachers that unfortunately seem to pollute the trade; …and just look at how luscious the fruit bowl is in this painting… Ugh!

And it’s too bad because it could have been both fun and fascinating, plus if someone had actually presented you with something besides too many yellowish slides of the better known masterpieces from our western culture and, for instance, attempted to explain exactly why they were presenting art’s “history” in that manner, then perhaps we wouldn’t be completely stuck in the one sided, narrow minded and misleadingly labeled Duchampian, first degree populist pseudo philosophy found in much of today’s curatorial academia.

But it’s never too late to be less dumb (which goes for me too), check out Mark’s speech, it’s worth your time!

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  1. Thanks Steve. Great description. exactly my problem too!

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